How do you select a Professional Land Surveyor?

When it is determined that a land survey is needed, only a Professional Land Surveyor, licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, is legally permitted to survey land in North Carolina.  Every Professional Land Surveyor MUST follow the requirements listed in the “Standards of Practice for Land Surveying in North Carolina.”  The State Board publishes these standards and the Professional Land Surveyor can provide you a copy upon request.  The Standards of Practice lists everything the land surveyor MUST do during a survey and what MUST appear on the final survey map. The Professional Land Surveyor is also required each year to complete continuing education courses and comply with all laws set forth by the State Board of Registration.

It is best to select a Professional Land Surveyor by qualifications.  A well-qualified land surveyor will take the time to ask you about your needs for the survey.  The surveyor will then explain what is required to complete your survey, and will answer all of your questions in a helpful manner so that you understand the process.

When selecting a Professional Land Surveyor, just like any other professional service, you should choose the surveyor that you have good communication with, are very comfortable and confident in their work, and the surveyor who you feel is most qualified to do the job.