How much will my survey cost and why does it cost that much?

Our professional fee includes time to search for deeds, maps, court records, or any other related documents needed, time to find and locate physical boundary evidence on the property, perform necessary computations to compare how field evidence compares to deed records, place appropriate markers on the property as needed, coordinate governmental approvals as needed, and prepare a survey map or survey report as needed.

The cost of any survey will vary due to disturbed or missing boundary evidence, size of tract to be surveyed, disputed boundary lines, gaps or overlaps created from old deed description, poor deed descriptions, rough terrain, heavy underbrush, amount of governmental approvals required, and travel time to and from the property.  There are many varying conditions that can effect a project, therefore it is difficult to predict an exact cost for any project prior to doing any work.  Many of these same conditions can also effect how long it takes to complete a project.  If your project has a deadline, please let us know and we can advise you as needed.