When is a survey usually required?

Before title to land is conveyed, it is desirable to have an adequate description of the property for the deed, including an accurate determination of the acreage.  It is also important to know if there are any physical features or title overlaps, which might constitute encroachments or, in some way, adversely affect the title to the land.  Only an up to date survey by a Professional Land Surveyor can give you this information.

Most North Carolina cities and counties have subdivision ordinance requirements, which must be followed.  For any subdivision, the Professional Land Surveyor can work with you to prepare the required subdivision maps.  This may be a simple procedure, but may, depending on the situation, involve any of the following:  a boundary survey, a topographical survey, site analysis, road and lot layout, road grade design, and the calculations for the necessary erosion control features.

The Professional Land Surveyor can also prepare the subdivision plat for recording, the road plan and profile maps, and the erosion control plan, usually coordinated with an engineer.  The Professional Land Surveyor can explain the requirements of the local Subdivision Ordinances and assist you in getting the necessary approvals for your development.

Before land can be improved by constructing drives, fences, walls, or buildings, it is desirable to know the location of the property corners and boundaries.  Using the services of a Professional Land Surveyor, for staking the locations of the improvements avoids possible encroachments upon adjoining property and possible litigation at a later date.  It also ensures the improvements will be constructed according to the design plans.

Before land is partitioned by a will or by Court Order, a survey of the land is needed.  In the case of a will, the boundary of the property as well as the improvements, such as buildings, roads and drives, on the property need to be located.  When the land is divided, the heirs can easily decide on the location of the new dividing lines.  Also, before the court can establish a disputed boundary line, it needs an accurate survey of the land.  The Professional Land Surveyor can provide the necessary maps.

When a question arises as to the location of a boundary line between you and your neighbor, the first thing you need to do is get an accurate boundary survey.  When the survey is completed, the Surveyor can explain the location of the boundary line.  In some cases, the surveyor can help solve the problem between you and your neighbor; at other times, the surveyor will appear in court as an expert witness on your behalf.